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Ranita de darwin café con dorso amarillo vista de lado entremedio del mugo verde


chilean frogs

Long term monitoring

Monitoring amphibian populations is essential to be able to take the necessary measures for their conservation. Get to know our pioneering project in Chile!

una mujer seguida por un hombre, ambos de espalda con mochilas, caminan en el bosque


We lead a project that seeks to understand the dynamics of amphibian populations that inhabit the native forest of Chile and at the same time control the negative effects of an infectious disease

una propietaria de tierras y el presidente de la ong, conversando sentados en una tarima

land conservation

If you are a landowner you can join the crusade to protect the frogs of Chile. Get to know our Land Conservation Program #YoProtejoMisRanitas

una mujer adulta ayudando a 3 niñas sentadas en una mesa a pintar


Although cliché, the phrase is true: only what is known is respected. Education in relation to amphibians and their habitats is essential for their conservation, and a central pillar of our activities.

ranita de darwin verde mirando de frente a la camara, sentada entre mugo verde


Together with various organizations from Chile, Argentina and abroad, we have developed the "Binational Conservation Strategy for Darwin's Frogs". Learn more and download the strategy book on the official website

¡Click on the image to download in high resolution!

afiche anfibios sur de chile de ong Ranita de Darwin

¿Do you like frogs? tell us why you love them on the comment box!

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